Restaurant Introduction

Restaurant introduction

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1989          Mr. Morel came to China.

Dec. 1999    Morel Restaurant & café (Liangma Store) pre-opened. The kitchen part was not finished, so only the part of bar opened.

31st Dec. 1999    Morel Restaurant & café (Liangma Store) received the first customers’ reservation at the eve of New Year, 17 people in total. There were 5 staff at that time, Gorden assumed the office of assistant chief chef.

Jan. 2000   the project of kitchen was finished, Morel Restaurant & café (Liangma Store) officially opened.

Nov. 2000     the business of Morel Restaurant & café (Liangma Store) increased day by day by its authentic Belgian cuisine, so Mr. Morel decided to enlarge the area of kitchen and operating area.

2000        The enlargement of Morel Restaurant & café (Liangma Store) was finished and it received the first customers’ reservation, 35 people  in total.

Apr. 2002      Morel’s F&B Consulting Co., Ltd. was established.

Aug. 2002      Morel’s Trade Co., Ltd was established.

28th Dec. 2003   Morel Restaurant & café (Gongti Store) officially opened.

2005       Morel’s Deli Shop officially opened.

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