Restaurant Introduction

Restaurant introduction

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International Chef of Cuisine –Renaat Morel

Renaat Morel, Chef of cuisine from Belgium, gains great world wide honors and brilliant success and yearns strongly for oriental civilization. After graduated in Belgian Antwerp Cooking University, he had come all the way to China bringing to Chinese exquisite western food cuisine and the completely new managerial principles to the old and mythic oriental food culture.

 Before came to China, Mr. Renaat Morel with numerous honors had already worked as Executive Chef in many five star hotels and restaurants in France, German, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland etc. With his Miracle-creating hands, intelligence and bravery, he wins complements from western politicians, celebrities and gastronomists. Such as French Prime Minister Chirac Mitterrand, Predecessor Belgian King, the famous comedy master Chaplin. American Star Michael Jackson, and 007 Actor Roger Mooer, all of whom unexceptionally show appreciation to his superb skills of cuisine.

In China, Mr. Morel once worked as the Executive Chef in Crown Plaza Xiamen Seascape Hotel, Henan Zhongzhou Crown Plaza Hotel and Kunlun Hotel and the Executive Chef and production manager in Beijing Air Catering. With his serious working attitudes and outstanding cuisine skills, he became the first foreign Executive Chef who is responsible for food providing to private plane took by Chinese National President Jiang Zemin, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. With diligent, precise and responsible working attitudes and perfect western food cuisine, he as a chef from a comparatively small western country—Belgium, conquers his colleagues from oriental giant country-China and wins their respects and praises.  Recommended by the adored colleagues, Renaat Morel assumed the special consultant of Beijing Western Food Association and president vs Executive Chef of Western Food Committee of China Cuisine Association (Members of which are F&B Managers and Executive Chefs in Four or Five Star Hotels in Beijing), Invited as executive consultant of 1st Tianjin Western Food Cultural Festival 2002, Beijing Western Food Cultural Festival 2003 and the member of estimation committee of 3rd CCTV International Cooking Competition, he contributes greatly to the communication and study of food culture between western world and China.

Renaat Morel’s traveling to China is regarded as absolutely successful and brilliant. Because he injects new and fresh western elements to the profound Chinese food culture and display multiple and rich western food culture as well. Through 7 years hard working, Beijing Morel’s  Team, established by Mr Morel, now has developed into a foreign investment enterprise which focuses on food and beverage, trading, consulting and law service, among them, Morel’s Restaurant& Café with the featured Belgian food and traditional French dinner wins concurrent applause and numerous championships in a series of evaluating competitions of the industry, for example, Morel’s beefsteak was estimated as the best beefsteak of the year by magazine of “That’s Beijing”.

Under Mr Morel’s care and instructing, two subsidiaries of Morel’s Team, Morel’s Trading Co.Ltd. and  Morel’d Golden Long Xi Consulting Co.Ltd. grow up quickly from nonexistence to the mainstay enterprises in the tem now. Recently, Morel’s Trading Co.Ltd. has already imported 20 kinds of Belgian beers and obtained the sole dealership of those beers. The Consulting Co.Ltd. concentrates on business exploration and expansion and consultation service of food and beverage.

Mr. Morel, an excellent Chef of cuisine and a remarkable entrepreneur as well, leads Morel’s Team in vigorous steps to the road of prosperous future.

 Morel’s Team heartedly wishes to cooperate with the colleagues of the community to promote China food culture to the world and advance the communication and conciliatory between western and oriental civilization.

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