Restaurant Introduction

Restaurant introduction

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Morel’s Restaurant&Café


  Morel’s restaurant established by Mr. Morel have received Chief of State, Ambassadors in China from many countries and CEO of famous enterprises. There are scores of famous media, TV station having interviewed the restaurant. Morel’s Restaurant &Café is an unique and authentic restaurant with a mélange of Belgian and French flavors who wins good public praise from dainty foreigners. Since she started business, Morel’s restaurant & café have become a famous brand in the field of Beijing western food. High—quality dishes with Belgian flavors and noble French taste in the restaurant earn highly evaluation from ministers and eminent persons far and near. Mr. Morel pays the most attention to all ingredients, cooks them with excellent skill, and makes each dish an artwork. You can enjoy delicious dishes and pleased environment together as well.


Morels restaurant

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